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Established in 2008, we are a trusted name in reliable, creative, cutting-edge, fast and cost-effective software solutions for Fortune 100 and any sized Businesses!

A Few Words About Us

Rinsoft is a leading technology solutions-based and managed services provider. We focus on achieving strategic technology initiatives for our clients. Rinsoft provides a full project lifecycle of consulting; software analysis, design, architecture, development, deployment and support. We take pride in modernizing your existing monolithic applications as well as delivering new solutions from the ground up to meet the growing demands of our customers.

As your trusted consultant, we deliver the right solution for your needs, on time and within budget. We can develop your applications by integrating existing technology and products. Or we can start with a blank sheet of paper.

About Us

What We Do

Analysis & Consultation
Every comprehensive solution starts with understanding the core problem. We work with you to learn your business goals and see your vision for the future. As part of our agile software development process, we use functional, performance and infrastructure prototyping. This is to ensure that development time is kept to a minimum so that the project team can review and suggest changes as it progresses.
Cloud Based Solutions
We have been at the forefront of cloud computing evolution. With our experience in building cloud based systems, we deliver the optimum solution combining the best of Platform as a service (PaaS), Containerized applications, Serverless APIs & processes, Infrastructure as code (IaC) and delivery pipelines. May it be modernizing and migrating existing systems or developing a new solution, Rinsoft delivers the best possible solution in fastest and most efficient way.
Automation with AI
With leaps in Artificial Intelligence advances over the last decade, Rinsoft has been putting AI to great use. May it be Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing or Data Analysis and Forecasting, we have automated repetitive processes & workflows and enabled businesses to see patterns, trends and better forecast and decision making. Our work includes Automated Image Processing, Facial Recognition, Pricing Forecast, Social Media Sentiment Analysis and more.
Software Development
Software systems and are no longer just UI, APIs and databases. This monolith approach has now transformed into sophisticated combination of microservices, Containerized modules, realtime data streams, specialized database repositories, PaaS integration, connected multichannel UI/UX experiences, Big Data, native and hybrid mobile platform, API as product, CI/CD pipelines and more. We at Rinsoft take pride in developing solutions by applying latest but well fitted technologies to maximize performance, scalability and user satisfaction, while minimizing development time, cost and life cycle management overhead.

Technology Overview

Over the last decade, software solutions have shifted away from the monolith approach of heavy server side modules and strongly dependent UI to a highly available, robust and scalable solution of self contained pieces comprised of Micro-Services, Cloud native PaaS, Cloud enabled hybrid containers and Serverless code. At Rinsoft, we recognize the benefits of the new approach and put together the best solution possible using the right combination of these architectural elements.
We are expert in following programming areas and technologies. For UI/UX we work with CSS, HTML5, javascript, JQUERY, Angular, React, Redux, Kendo and Vue. For server side programming we employ .Net framework, PHP, NodeJS, Java, Spring Boot, Scala and Go. We work with all modern databases including Relational, Key-Value Stores, Graph, RDF, NoSQL and in-memory databases. For APIs we develop REST, Streaming API and gRPC as needed for the solution and use Apigee for API management. Our Mobile development team develops for iOS and Android using Swift, Objective-C, Java, ReactNative and Ionic. We also work with Message Queues and data streams such as SQS and Kafka.
Experts at Rinsoft can help you setup CI/CD pipeline and Platform implementation using Docker Enterprise, code pipeline, Jenkins and GitHub including Container Orchestration with DockerSwarm and Kubernetes. We also conduct Security Screening and implement related processes. Contact us for more information.
Automating test scripts with best practices in mind is of primary importance when it comes freeing up some of the project’s time and decreasing overall cost. We at Rinsoft use the same agile approach to testing automation that we do with solution development. We develop full scale automated testing scripts using selenium and also integrate automated testing in CI/CD pipeline.

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