Many news and TV Sports stations are beginning to recognize the value in offering their content on a VOD (Video on demand) basis via the OTT; which refers to the delivery of media over the internet without a need for a subscription by the viewers. The challenge here, apart from identifying the appropriate content, is the Workflow efficiency for distribution. In Live TV shows that want to make parts of the show available online, the key is an automated workflow to save valuable time spent in preproduction. Timeliness is just as important as the content and the quality of the Media.Previously it would take upwards of 10 hours for the producers to get the video captured from the live-on-air material to be formatted for the online availability combined with the closed captioning as well as any additional graphics. Rinsoft has implemented post-production platforms in broadcasting companies that enable the professionals to craft the videos demanded by today’ audience. These platforms have the power to store, tag, collaboratively edit and export the footage easily and securely.


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