Healthcare video consultations are designed as a way for patients to get high quality care from a physician and a potential to avoid a more expensive trip to a hospital. This is a win-win for both parties; patients save on transportation costs and the waiting time, and the healthcare providers are able to schedule more patients in the given time.


More and more insurance companies and healthcare providers are expanding coverage and offering more options to patients for video consultation versus an in-person visit. It’s expected that by the year 2020 the TeleHealth Video Consultation sessions are to reach 158 Million Annually.


Rinsoft partnered up with a TeleHealth provider SnapMD, to bring the latest in technology, enabling their platform to be easily used by doctors and patients alike for video consultations. The IT professionals enabled their platform with the latest technology to be effortlessly used by doctors and patients for video consultations. The platform also has built in tools for patients and doctors alike to check on medical histories, accept e-prescriptions and integrate their insurance plans and see their coverage, and if necessary pay the medical bills.


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