Camera, Lens, Audio equipment, Cables, Lighting and editing hardware are only a few of the essential items that are needed by broadcasting companies to produce the shows. The tracking and management of all these physical assets allows the broadcasters to keep track of their entire valuable inventory. These management systems can identify where the assets are located, who is using them, and when they would be available again for the next user. As the production schedules are planned weeks if not months in advance, it makes for a very effective system to have the physical assets accounted for at any given time.Rinsoft has developed custom solutions for multiple broadcasting companies in Los Angeles area for Physical Asset Management and Inventory Control. Our IT professionals discussed the project’s needs and requirements with the organization before developing the custom solutions. The projects required the implementation of a tag printing laser printer that provided the asset tag for the different equipment as well as recorded it in the inventory.For the actual project details and system screenshots, click on the projects below:


Cable Management
Asset Management