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Sports Live Ticker

Live tickers are traditionally displayed in the form of scrolling text displayed at the bottom of a programming that can provide the viewers with more information on the live screen or even some complimentary info to keep their attention engaged. Tickers act as an eye-catching visual delivery system that uses the minimum amount of the premium screen’s real estate. These live tickers are widely used for sports channels to give game scores, player info as well as any other trivia related to the game.Rinsoft developed a Live Ticker for the popular international sports channel to be displayed during games and other shows that provide the viewers with additional information. The information ranges from live scores, stats, news alerts or even social media integration like displaying the trending tweets. The application was created to effectively use the raw data received from third party data providers like and OPTA and give the show producers an easy effective management tool to combine it with the custom graphics created by the graphics department to be displayed at the live ticker. Our custom software application serves as an orchestration tool to let the producers create a sort of visual playlist for the audience by using various elements provide a richer experience. Portfolio

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Name Sports Live Ticker Date 09 Thu 2016 Categories Enterprise Mobile Apps Author rinsoftadmin
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