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www.nimbuspay.comNimbusPay is a fundraising platform and donation Kiosk that is built for Religious Centers to accept donation on-site and online.NimbusPay is a SAAS (service as a software) platform that provides a fundraising platform with an accompanying Donation Kiosks to religious facilities of all faiths and sizes across the nation. The platform provides management tools like Email Marketing, Campaign Creation and Online Store to help the administrators of these religious centers to better manage their organization and increase their donation intake.The platform allows administrators to create unique campaigns to raise funds for a special cause. Those campaigns can be linked and shared through social media integration and can be part of the menu on the on-site Donation Kiosk so members can donate using their credit or debit cards. Donor information is saved automatically and kept safe through top the line security encryption of the system.The unique and underutilized part of the system is the Online Store that the platform provides. The listings can be official merchandise that the religious center wants to sell or it can be event tickets for an upcoming fundraiser. These features are essential in increasing the revenue for the facilities so they can fund their philanthropic causes. The platform also provides fully detailed reporting for the administrators to keep track of the donation intake through multiple sources. Portfolio

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Name NimbusPay Date 10 Mon 2016 Categories Web Applications Author rinsoftadmin
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