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Multi-Game Score Grid

Rinsoft developed a platform for viewing the Game Scores from all the live games in one place for a Sports Channel. Searchable by Sports, Leagues, teams and game dates; it’s a must-have tool for all sports broadcasting.Successful Sports Broadcasting depends on the speed and reliability of its video feed alongside the accuracy of the current scores. The producers use this information to create rich media videos to be streamed on their channels to be enjoyed by the audience on live TV or through their internet sources. However even though the video of the current game is captured by the onsite cameras, the scores are published by the personnel who have to input that into the system to be displayed simultaneously with the live video. The parallel posting of the video with the correct scores are inherent to the Game-watching experience. The Multi-Game score Grid platform created by Rinsoft is integral to the graphics department at the Sports broadcasting channel so the producers can access that information accurately and in a timely manner. This application was created using web components Polymer, that is designed to build cutting-edge progressive Web Apps that load quickly, respond instantly and work from anywhere. 



Project Details
Name Multi-Game Score Grid Date 10 Wed 2016 Categories Web Applications Author rinsoftadmin
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