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Cable Management

Comprehensive, cost-effective platform created by Rinsoft for a popular broadcasting Company in Los Angeles to effectively manage their Physical Assets, namely Cables required to operate and transmit Camera and Video feed.Physical Asset Management for a Multi-Channel broadcasting company is the integral to running their operations without delay and in the most effective manner. Physical Assets mainly refer to non-digital assets such as equipment and machinery. It entails the systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining and disposing of assets cost-effectively. Broadcasting Companies’ list of Physical Assets include cameras, lights, cables and editing machines to name a few. Depending on the size of the broadcast company, they can use one or multiple systems to keep track of all these Asset types.Rinsoft created a separate system to manage the Cables for one of the largest broadcasting networks. The Platform was created to provide ease of usability along with effective management tools for the users. Our software developers created an easy way to integrate Excel data to be uploaded by different departments onto one central system that could be accessed, viewed and edited by only the authorized users. The menu to lookup and track the Cable Assets was drafted to provide the managers with the utmost utility. Since this dedicated application was installed, the operations department has been a sharp decline in misplaced assets and a higher utilization time for current assets. Portfolio

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Name Cable Management Date 10 Mon 2016 Categories Web Applications Author rinsoftadmin
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