The primary difference between E-prescription and an Online Prescription is what constitutes a doctor’s visit. E-prescription is an issuance of a prescription electronically instead of in-written form. Even though state laws vary, Online Prescription involves physicians prescribing medication to patients via a telemedicine visit when the physician has never had an in-person encounter with the patient, and they solely rely on information obtained through the online real-time video conferencing. This involves new rules and regulations for the TeleHealth providers to allow their physicians the ability to give online prescription. Many Telemedicine healthcare providers have adopted the “Model guidelines for the use of Internet in Medical Practice” as advised by the Federation of State Medical Boards. They aim to uphold patient safety in the absence of traditional physical examination. It acts as a measure to guarantee that the identity of the patients and providers are clearly established.


Since Rinsoft has developed applications to be used by Telemedicine healthcare providers nationwide, we implemented geo-tagged technology to take account of the patient and provider’s location so it complies with the state laws.