As the technology improves in the world of telemedicine, a lot of focus is being put on building better patient-provider relationships when developing coordinated online patient-communication platforms. Healthcare organizations’ collected data over the years have shown that better patient experience leads to more profitable patients. Healthcare providers have been investing in integrated patient portal solutions to enhance patient care and in turn improve their profitability in today’s challenging healthcare market.


Video consultations, custom intake forms, Online BillPay and ability to request appointments and prescription refills are only a few functions that are incorporated in today’s Mobile Patient Portals. Rinsoft’s IT professionals with expertise in HIPAA have provided invaluable guidance when developing compliant technology solutions to be used by medical facilities, doctors, nurses, technicians and patients alike. Our custom developed solutions have been used by local clinics to national hospitals, all aiming to connect previously outdated or disparate systems and improve service and care.