TeleMedicine was created as a way of focusing on the accessibility and convenience of doctor’s consultation while limiting the hassle for patients. A particular hassle for the patients is figuring out their insurance details and the costs associated with doctor visits, procedure and tests. Mobile billing is a built in feature for most telehealth platforms, it solves the issue for patients in a way that’s comprehensible, trackable and reliable. Since the payment structure varies from insurance companies to state regulations, the upfront cost structure through the client-facing applications is especially helpful for the patients who want to be well informed of their insurance coverage and payment dues.


The platform supports bi-directional billing, so the healthcare providers can essentially eliminate unnecessary delays with billing insurance companies as well as Medicare and Medicaid for their payments. As patients create their profile and add in their insurance information, the Telehealth platform keeps track of patient’s insurance coverage and automatically updates all the latest information from their healthcare providers regarding the visits and the associated fees.


Rinsoft developed a consumer-facing mobile app for the patients to use to schedule visits, view their history and most importantly have an active knowledge of their insurance coverage as well as payment dues and schedules. The payment module easily and securely allows patients to pay their dues online through their credit or debit cards.