Broadcasters rely on data and information from various CNDs (Content Delivery Networks) to keep the programs running for their various channels. However for a producer to continuously receive quality content from these CNDs require research based on data collected over period of time through either trial and error or through subscriber feedback. The reliability and the quality of the data is a major issue. Major broadcasters use a selector tool to identify the variables based on certain information such as the geographic location, the time of day when the request is made, or the type of content. Even though this entails a simple implementation, there are drawbacks when relying on one solution rather than multiple ones.Rinsoft has consulted with the IT department of major broadcasting houses to device a solution to such issues about a suitable collaboration and Content Delivery Network. The precipice was to ensure the least amount of breaks in the system alongside the superior quality of service. Our team of expert IT consultants advised the production team on the selection and implementation of the CND system best suited for the needs of the Broadcasters.


Graphic Request Management